I Don’t Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me: The Passion of Rush

When Marta “Whalerider” Limbaugh holds out on Rusty, well, it shows in his commentary:

“I believe we’re born with certain behavioral traits, and women have certain ones and men have certain ones, and it was those natural human nature traits that the feminists didn’t like and tried to change. They succeeded for a time and everybody was all screwed up not knowing who they were supposed to be, when, how, or with whom, and it was just a mess.”

Yeah. Some men are whiners and have addictive personalities and have certain urges that can lead to a build-up of bodily fluids and…

“I think the real damage the feminist movement did is with interpersonal relationships.”

…said the thrice-married Rush as he pondered what kind of buzz he might get off of Marta’s unused birth control pills.

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