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Tony Hendra over at TAP:

George W. Bush cannot be, as we’ve screamed till we’re blue in the face, the cretinous finger puppet of an incalculably cynical and malevolent cabal and a ruthless neo-Confederate, bent on creating a plutocratic ruling class at home and a rapacious corporate imperium abroad. He’s one or the other. We cannot have it both ways. We see that now.

Similarly, we can hardly denigrate Rupert Murdoch and his “gutter press” while at the same time carping that without him the right would be a marginalized mob of obscurantist paranoids kept on life support by retrograde trust-fund nut jobs. Mr. Murdoch is a great populist. Lowest-common-denominator programming is an honorable tradition in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Taking such programming to China, where he is equally solicitous of a proto superpower whose interests are frequently inimical to ours, does not mean that Mr. Murdoch is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, or that NewsCorp’s money is somehow “tainted.” It’s despicable of us to suggest that all those hardworking journalists — from Bill O’Reilly to William Kristol — who take his supposedly dirty money are likewise tainted! We see that now.

The whole thing is friggin’ brilliant. Email it around.

For you oldsters, you may remember Hendra from his work with National Lampoon.

…and for you young punks, he’s Spinal Tap band manager Ian Faith, famous for this bit of dialogue:

Ian: Oh there’s uhh…the other thing is that the uh…the Boston gig has been cancelled.

Nigel: What?

Ian: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.

Bonus fun!: Deteriorata

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