Mr. Purdum? There’s a woman named Peggy hyperventilating on the phone for you…

Reader Michael writes in to point out that the New York Times’ Todd Purdum went a little Leni Riefenstahl on the SOTU:

Above all, in the splendor of the Capitol, Mr. Bush portrayed himself as the best defender of American interests, from tax cuts at home to terrorism abroad. And he reminded his listeners, and his Democratic rivals, that he begins this election year conspicuously atop the political equivalent of Everest, while the men who would replace him are scrambling in the foothills of the White Mountains. Mr. Bush spoke like a man who is headed to the Moon and Mars, while the Democrats are headed to Manchester, N.H.

In fairness to Todd, the rest of his analysis doesn’t read like this, but lesser words have moistened Peggy Noonan’s thong in the past….

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