Mel Gibson Thinks Children Should See R-Rated Movies!!!


Sorry. I was feeling a little Drudge-y at work today and that just spilled out.

But here’s Mel offering up a bit more hype swaddled in paranoia about his new movie which, although it’s about some Jewish guy, well, Mel won’t let any Jews see it.

The controversy that has followed Mel Gibson’s film about the death of Christ could be persecution or just inspired publicity, but the film-maker himself predicted “the worst is yet to come” on Wednesday at a meeting with 4,500 evangelical Christian pastors.

A day after reports that a high Vatican official denied that Pope John Paul gave a thumbs up to his film, “The Passion of the Christ,” Gibson prepared to show it to another hand-picked audience, this time the Global Pastors Network conference meeting in Orlando.

As with past screenings, media were barred, as were Jewish groups worried that the film could incite anti-Semitism if it suggests Jewish authorities in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago were largely responsible for the crucifixion of the man Christians worship as the incarnation of God.

On Tuesday, an aide to the pope denied media reports that the pontiff had praised the film’s Biblical accuracy, saying, “The Holy Father told no one of his opinion of this film.”

Gibson did not mention the Vatican denial when he addressed the pastors. He thanked them for their prayers, but warned, somewhat ominously, “I anticipate the worst is yet to come. I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong.”

Is that a chill I feel up my spine? Is that portentous music I hear in the background?

Nope. Someone just opened up a window and turned on a radio..

Anyway, Mel wants the kiddies to see Jesus Christ, Superhype. Particularly kids that already speak Aramaic.:

While Gibson thanked the pastors for their support, his publicity director, Paul Lauer, urged them to send youth groups to the R-rated flick when it opens on February 25 on 2,000 screens in the United States.

The rating, apparently based on the graphic depiction of the crucifixion, means those under age 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Lauer predicted that if the film posts good numbers on its opening weekend, “I think there’ll be a lot of powerful people in Hollywood saying, ‘Somebody get me a Jesus picture.’ “

Because nothing says Date Night USA! like “Jesus picture”.

Oh, and parents? Make sure you keep the kiddies through the credits for the hilarious outtakes like the scene where Jesus (Jim Caviezel) is on the cross and he says: “”My God, my God, why hast thou —….sorry, sorry…. line please. Sorry, I’ll get it this time…” and you can hear the crew crack up.

I laughed, I cried, I stigmata-ed…

(By the way, I really like how imdb lists Caviezel’s role as: Jesus, the Christ . Because, you know, we might confuse him with Jesus, the actuary in a movie called The Passion of Christ.)

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