Eeek! A conundrum!!!

Poor Andy. He’s so dizzy, his head is spinning. Like a whilrpool, it never ends:

WOBBLY ON BUSH? Well, I’ve never tried to please everyone with this blog but the torrent of abuse and mockery yesterday because of my criticisms of the SOTU caused me a little grief. According to many Republicans, I’m selling out to the “hard left.” According to some Democrats, I’ve finally seen the light, ha, ha, ha. How about applying principles to changing events and circumstances? It says something about what has happened to the Republican party that supporting fiscal responsibility is now the position of the “hard left.” And it says something about some Democrats that you either have to hate this president or love him unconditionally. Why can’t a grown-up have a complicated position?


So I’m stuck, and trying to figure things out as I go along. Hence my attempt to look at the Democratic candidates as possible presidents and subject my support for Bush to further scrutiny. Why is that such a crime? Isn’t part of what’s wrong with our politics that this kind of weighing of options has become so taboo?

So, does this mean that, say a Senator who’s runing for the highest office in the land (no, not Rush’s job), gets a pass when they say that they voted for the War Resolution, but now says that it was a mistake and that they were lied to?

And does this mean that a politician can have a complicated position on an issue that won’t fit into a Drudge headline and Andy won’t jump on it like a duck on a June bug?

Not likely…

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