The administration misled the American people

It looks like it’s Lyin’ Thursday (see below). Richard Cohen reflects on the SOTU:

But within the Bush White House lies an ugly beast that never gets acknowledged: The administration misled the American people, either purposely or out of incompetence. This is not a minor matter, because war, with all its unforeseen consequences, is not itself a minor matter — nor is the loss of some 500 American lives. Hussein is gone, and that is all well and good, but gone too is the confidence of the American people that this administration levels with them. Bush certainly did not do that Tuesday night.

This State of the Union address was as rhetorically flat as it was intellectually dishonest — a political pitch designed to obscure uncomfortable facts and to solidify the conservative Republican base. Thus we got Bush’s pledge to support the institution of marriage (think Britney Spears) and to ban gays from enjoying it (think Britney Spears again) and the promise to trifle with the Constitution so that love will not, as we are told, triumph.

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