The Slip and Fall To Your Death On The Sidewalk Diet didn’t focus group as well

Well, I thought this was funny:

Mayor Mike obviously thought the other mike in the room was turned off.
In a rare moment of candor, picked up by a New York 1 News camera, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday described the slip-and-fall death of Dr. Robert Atkins last April as “bull—-” – and called the diet guru “fat.”

While chowing down on bow-tied pasta and chicken at a Brooklyn firehouse yesterday, Hizzoner opined, “Atkins is dead. I don’t believe that bull—- that he dropped dead slipping on a sidewalk. Yeah, right.”

“I actually went to his house out in Southampton for a Pataki fund-raiser two years ago,” Bloomberg added. “The guy was fat — big guy — but heavy. And the food was inedible. I took one appetizer and I had to spit it into my napkin. It was just terrible.”

Atkins, the cardiologist who devised a controversial diet that favors steak and eggs over pasta and other carbohydrates, died at age 72 last year after slipping on the sidewalk outside his E. 55th St. office during a snowstorm.

Bloomberg apparently believed the microphones were turned off yesterday when cameras were let into the dining area of Engine 282, Ladder 148 in Borough Park for what was billed as a photo opportunity.

“It was a joke told at an off-the-record photo op,” said Bloomberg spokesman Jordan Barowitz. “We congratulate New York 1 for their willingness to dispense with journalistic ethics in order to run a cheap story.”

Boy. Republicans really have a problem with their “potty mouths” when they think that the mike is off.

(Thanks to Anna)

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