In other news, the management at RJ Reynolds thinks that smoking is “really cool”

It really takes a special kind of balls to write this:

It’s an age-old question in representative democracies: Should leaders vote for what their constituents want or for what they think is right?

Sometimes this question poses a real dilemma, especially on those rare occasions when voters are taken in momentarily by a notion that is both popular and wrong. This is not a problem when it comes to missile defense. Protecting the American people from missile attack is clearly the right thing to do, and not surprisingly, the American people want to be defended. In this case, doing the right thing is popular.

A recent poll conducted in New Hampshire by the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance confirms the popularity of missile defense. When asked whether the United States should have a missile defense, 75 percent of 600 registered New Hampshire voters said it should (63 percent felt strongly about it). Only 21 percent opposed such a defense. (my emphasis)

If you continue reading anything past that, you have way too much time on your hands.

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