This and that from the SOTU:

—I thought it was the most belligerent State of the Union that I have ever seen. It was the return of President Bring ‘Em On featuring one narrowed eye, the smirk, and an occasional glare towards the Democrats, particularly when they applauded at this:

Key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire next year. (Applause.)

…throwing the boy off his rhythm. It was scattershot and bizarre (steroids? WTF?). Usually a SOTU has a memorable line for the headline writers. This one has bupkus. Spin as Fineman and Noonan might, it was a pretty weak speech.

— Ashley Pearson is aged ten…or two (which is cleaned up in the official transcript. Republican math, don’cha know.

—Somewhere in DC there is an African-American soldier being hustled onto a transport bound for Iraq for insufficient enthusiasm for the CIC and for yawning. Maybe Bush should have broken out the flightsuit.

—Although I enjoyed Ted Kennedy and his head-shaking, I think making jerk-off motions with his fist while rolling his eyes would have been more effective.

—Central casting sent over a very cute African-American girl for Bush to hoist for the cameras. Karl Rove should be commended. Unfortunately she blew her incentive bonus by falling asleep on camera. She’ll never work in this town again!

—Rick Santorum is a bigger dink than I ever imagined. Seeing him makes me wonder why we allow heteros to get married.

—I like Chuck Hagel and wish he was a Democrat. I don’t know what he’s like as a Senator for Nebraska on a daily basis, but he sure seems like a straightshooter. I could be wrong. He is a Republican, after all.

—Laura looked almost lifelike, don’cha think?

—Has Mitch McConnell ever had a chin? He looks like someone stuck a mouth in his neck.

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