Playing Twister with the Words of Whistleass

That screaming you hear from P-Town is just Andy trying to contort himself into an assortment of positions that would have gotten him a lot of dates back when he was young and virile:

…It’s a nice sentiment, and I’m sure the president means well. But if the president really meant it he could have said something else: “The same moral tradition that defines marriage also teaches that each individual – whether gay or straight – has dignity and value in God’s sight.” But the president wants the credit of being tolerant without talking the real talk, let alone walking the real walk. If gay people have dignity and value in God’s sight, why are we unmentionable? Why are we talked about as if we are some kind of untouchable? Why in three years has this president not even been able to say the word ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’? The reason: because Bush will not confront bigotry outright. He wants to benefit from it while finding a formula to distance himself from it. That’s not a moral stand. It’s moral avoidance. Still, the good and important news is that the president hasn’t endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Family Research Council is mad as hell.

Remember, Andy. They’re punches of love….

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