Heavy lifting

Well, I’m still ass-deep in work, so this is going to be short today.

One. I don’t know what happened in Iowa since I didn’t pay any attention to it. C’mon, it’s Iowa. Having said that, any post-mortem comment I could make on what happened would probably be about as accurate as anything that Tim Russert or the gang at the Corner could come up with. And remember, it’s Iowa. They’re like something that we keep in the closet and take out every four years only to put it away again thinking we might have a use for it someday.

World O’Crap had a mess o’time and did a bunch o’research on America’s Worst Mom, Meghan Cox Gurdon, and discovered that Mr. Gurdon is real big on online sex sites, which would probably explain why his kids are named Amber, Bambi, Skye, and Johnny Wadd.

There’s an outpouring of posts over at Rittenhouse.

Hesiod on Democrats keeping their eye on the ball.

…and President 9/11 Happened On My Watch is watching his polls slip on domestic issues. Time to ramp up another war, Karl. Hmmmm… Belize has been acting uppity lately.

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