Echo chamber

Not that we expected anything different:

When conservative comic Dennis Miller launches his CNBC talk show next week, his high-profile guests will include Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.

What, no Democrats? “Maybe they’ll be a little reticent to come on,” Miller says.

The bagging of the California governor and Arizona senator is the handiwork of former Schwarzenegger and McCain strategist Mike Murphy, who now has a place in the Hollywood hills and is Miller’s consulting producer. Plus, Miller did some speaking for Ahnuld.

Miller says he’ll deal with issues and “try to be civil to people on the left,” while reviving “the rant I used to do in my former lives” as a nightclub comic and HBO host. “I don’t have any pretension to journalistic chops,” he says.

How quickly prime time television has moved from the first gay kiss to a whole week of on-air sloppy blow jobs.

We live in amazing times.

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