You had me at the preface

I honestly intended to do some blogging over the weekend (and tonight for that matter) but my copy of American Dynasty showed up on Friday and, well, it’s pretty damn fascinating. Obviously I haven’t finished it yet, but I can already strongly recommend it.

I hope to post some excerpts from it this week. This comes from the preface:

Unfortunately, in examining two Bush presidencies and the family’s four-generation pursuit of national prominence and power- and in doing so through a lens that highlighted elite associations, dynastic ambitions, and recurring financial and business practices- I found a greater basis for dismay and disillusionment than I had imagined. The result is an unusual and unflattering portrait of a great family (great in power, not morality) that has built a base over the course of the twentieth century in the back corridors of the new military-industrial complex, and in close association with the growing intelligence and national security establishments. In doing so, the Bushes have threaded their way through damning political, banking, and armaments scandals and, since the 1980s, controversies like the October Surprise, Iran-Contra, and Iraqgate imbroglios, which in another climate or a different time might have led to impeachment.

I am not talking about ordinary lack of business ethics or financial corruption. During the late twentieth century, several other presidents and their families displayed these shortcomings, and the public has become understandably blas?. Four generations of building toward dynasty, however, have infused the Bush family’s hunger for power and practices of crony capitalism with a moral arrogance and backstage disregard of the democratic and republican traditions of the U.S. government. As we will see, four generations of involvement with clandestine arms deals and European and Middle Eastern rogue banks will do that.

Good stuff.

Also…Chalmers Johnson, author of the prescient Blowback ,also has a new book out: The Sorrows of Empire.

It looks like a good Spring for reading.

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