Using Coulter as a source is an automatic admission of defeat.

All Glenn Reynolds had to say was that he wasn’t familiar with the actual military terminology and concede his error. But no, we got this:

That’s rather implausible, to put it mildly. People don’t generally get asked to retire early because they’re doing a great job. I don’t necessarily endorse Ann Coulter’s version above, as I thought I made clear, but Clark did something that got him booted, and I’m still not clear on what. It seems to me that we ought to be clear on it, since he’s running for President.

Here’s a modest suggestion: remember in law school when they taught you that thing where you looked stuff up and you took notes and you built your argument? You should maybe try that before you post. Couldn’t hurt.

You know, I actually like Reynolds. I think deep down he’s a pretty good guy. But this is embarassing….

Mark Kleiman has the last word. Thankfully.

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