I claim this lifeless rock in the name of his Majesty, King George the Lesser..or Halliburton. Whatever.

Quentin at Like Father, Like Sun points out that neo-con money black hole, The New York Sun, wants the US to claim the moon as ours, all ours. I’m sure that fact that it reminds them of Texas, but a little bit more livable had something to do with it.

Meanwhile President Moonbeam’s corporate overlords are lining up at the trough waiting for some more of that taxpayer gravy.

Industry officials said yesterday that they see a huge boon to business in Bush’s “renewed spirit of discovery,” which set a mission to Mars as a long-range goal after astronauts build a science base on the moon. Among the companies that could profit from the plan are Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin Corp., the Boeing Co. and the Halliburton Co., which Vice President Cheney headed before he joined Bush’s ticket.

One stream of income, good. Two streams of income, better.

(credit for ‘President Moonbeam’ to about three people…thanks)

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