The postman always shoots twice

While wild-eyed, really really angry, Saddam-loving, America haters are comparing George Bush to Hitler, calm, eminently sensible commentators like Cal Thomas are comparing Paul O’Neill to workplace NRA show-offs:

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill reminds me of a disgruntled former employee who returns to his old workplace and starts shooting to avenge his perceived mistreatment.

Thomas (who favors those weird white-collared dress-shirts and Clairol’s Stygian Midnight hair color) also writes:

O’Neill says he never got much out of the president, who mostly sat and listened to him and did not respond. A former Bush advisor who remains close to the White House tells me that O’Neill is apparently unaware that when the president sits silent at a meeting it is because he doesn’t “know, trust or like the person … all of those have to be earned.”

…which just makes President Grumpypants the Little Emperor now, doesn’t it?

Thomas goes on and cites neo-con conspiracy boy-toy Laurie Mylroie:

Credit to Laurie Mylroie, Ph.D, author of two books on Saddam Hussein and consultant to the Pentagon and Adjunct Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, for digging out this information and for e-mailing “60 Minutes” that Suskind’s claim is incorrect. While the map is of “potential areas for exploration,” says Mylroie, O’Neill and Suskind don’t mention that the same set of documents, which contain the map of Iraq and the list of Iraqi oil projects, also have maps and similar lists of projects for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Do Suskind and O’Neill think President Bush was about to invade these nations, too?

I think it’s best to not answer that last question at this time since we are reserving judgment until Karl Rove gets back with the latest focus group numbers, so for the time being we’ll just assume that Thomas was asking a rhetorical question and leave it at that.

We wouldn’t want to upset anyone with a grudge…

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