Cuddlenumpkin’s praetorian guard

After reading about J-Lo, Ben-Af, and P-Did, make sure you read the latest about Karl-Ro and his very sensitive and got-nothing-better-to-do Secret Service detail:

A Brooklyn woman who created a Web site proclaiming her love for White House political adviser Karl Rove has been questioned by the Secret Service.

The presidential protectors contacted Kat Kinsman, a 31-year-old writer and Webmaster who has been carrying on a tongue-in-cheek imaginary affair with the 53-year-old Republican on her site, ilovekarlrove.com.

Kinsman has posted descriptions of steamy sessions with the portly politico, calling him her “cuddlenumpkins.”

But Kinsman is actually a volunteer for Howard Dean’s campaign, and she means it all in good fun. To its credit, the Secret Service got the joke.

“It was clearly a political parody,” Kinsman told us. “They had no problem with the content.”

You would have thought that the idea of “steamy seesions with…this, would have been a tipoff.

(Thanks to anna for the link)

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