Maybe if they gave him a placemat to color and some crayons….

Lack of naptime makes for a very cranky Leader of the Free World:

Besides exercising, Bush’s biggest release from his job is chain sawing branches into huge piles in the summer, with Secret Service agents hovering nearby to protect him from falling limbs as he trims. In the winter, Bush and his heartiest alpha aides burn the towering pyramids of cedar.

That may sound like a chore, but Bush would certainly rather be there than here. The early-rising president can get crabby and punchy if he doesn’t hit the pillow by 10 or so at night. On Monday, Bush was not scheduled even to arrive at a dinner hosted by Mexican President Vicente Fox until 9:10 p.m. local time (10:10 Eastern).

Bush, who returned to the White House on Tuesday night, sounded tired and bored at the few public appearances during his 28-hour visit. His remarks had unusually long pauses. Cutaway television shots captured Bush glowering into space as other heads of state talked about “economic growth with equity to reduce poverty,” “investing in people” and “democratic governance.”

One of the million great things about being president is that you rarely have to listen to people who bore you. Dignitaries who introduce Bush are asked to limit their remarks to one minute. Bush praises those who are quicker, and his aides have been known to scold those who run over.


One of the first signs that Bush was already over the summit came Monday night, when he was scheduled to pose for pictures and take a few questions from reporters toward the end of his 20-minute meeting with one of his most vociferous critics at the summit, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The meeting ran late and the media session turned into a handshake and a back pat for Lula. The whole thing lasted less than 20 seconds. Then Bush’s staff began shooing the press corps out of the room.

White House regulars know that when the young aide barks “Lights! Thank you all!” that’s the cue to scram or else incur the wrath of Bush and his palace guard. The foreign reporters, though, took some cajoling.

“Okay!” various Bushies shouted. “Thank you. Let’s go. Back out the same door. Let’s go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s go. Thank you. We’re moving. Thank you. Sir, we’re done! Thank you. Thank you. Let’s go, sir — we’re done! Thank you. Let’s go.”

It’s nice to hear that the American Press is so well trained.

Good doggies! Goooood doggies. Roll over! Roll over…..

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