Yeah. Because what would a doctor know about the health care system in this country?

They’re obsessing over Howard Dean’s wife over at the Corner. Here’s K-Lo:

I’m not sure how it all shakes out if, heaven forbid, Howard Dean became president—would Mrs. Dr. Dean really stay home and practice medicine and pick up the dry cleaning? I doubt it. (And I’m not sure that’s completely desirable—in the context of a man who you’d want to be reasonably well-adjusted considering his job and his family, for one thing, but that’s another conversation.) But, that said, better she stay home than try to create a new health-care system.

You see Judith Steinberg Dean’s twenty-odd years as a doctor somehow prevents her from having any opinions on the type of healthcare that Americans deserve. Laura Bush, on the other hand, was a teacher for four years and then spent the next 30 years talking it, which, of course, makes her an expert on education and we really should pay attention and raise our hands if we have any questions, remembering to use our library voices…shhhhhhhh…..

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