Abbott and Costello meet The Return of I Don’t Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me

Yesterday, Rush went out of his way to alienate 43% of his audience:

“Not everybody is motivate-able. Not everybody should be motivated. There are some losers out there. There are some people that just absolutely have no chance. Take people living at home with their parents as an example.”

Oh, and yesterday or in the past few days (who knows..who cares) it was Rush’s birthday:

“People always ask, ‘Now that you are 53, do you want to be younger?’ I really don’t, because you can’t take what you know and go back there. I don’t want to relive that garbage.”

Rush then spent a quiet evening at home snorting crushed pig tranquilizers off of Marta’s augmentations while she yawned, did her nails and watched Everybody Loves Raymond.

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