Cry “No Fair!” and let slip the Bichon Frise of war

No More Mr. Nice Blog points out that they are siccing the big guns on Paul O’Neill. That is, if your idea of a “big gun” is a chinless girlfriend-beater who looks like the night manager at Walgreens.

…and proving that the pup doesn’t fall far from the bitch here’s one from ankle-biter Jonah:

SCROOGE! [Jonah Goldberg]

If O’Neill had been less of a media darling and more of a movement conservative don’t you think this interesting factoid from a reader would have gotten a lot more coverage (assuming it’s true):

I worked for a division of Alcoa during O’Neill’s run as CEO. It was his policy to charge people to attend the company Christmas party. If memory serves, it was $40 for an individual or $60 per couple.
Keep up the good work.

[name withheld]

You know…assuming it’s true. And here’s one from Reagan leg-humper, Peter Robinson:


As it happens, Jonah, I too had an off-the-record encounter with Paul O’Neill. My impression of the man is most succinctly conveyed by quoting yours: “a pompous, self-indulgent prima donna.”

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