On the one hand, it’s probably unhealthy. On the other hand, the committee once again wants to point out that we really really like a firm pneumatic rack on a chick…

Like most men, the FDA’s thinking gets all fuzzy and confused when it comes to womens breasts:

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that it had decided to defer its decision on whether to allow silicone breast implants back onto the market, citing the need for more information about the implants’ safety and rate of failure.

In what it termed a “not approvable letter,” the agency notified Inamed of Santa Barbara, Calif., a maker of silicone implants that had an application pending, that it needed to do more studies and provide more information. The surprise move occurred less than three months after the agency’s expert panel conducted hearings, attended by vocal opponents and proponents, and then voted 9 to 6 to recommend approval.

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