Wasting their money on food and warm blankets….

Kate O’Beirne wants to welcome the illegal aliens into the Lucky Ducky class:

How much money do we figure illegals send home each year? Some estimates have Mexicans sending about $14 billion to benefit the Mexican economy. Being able to do so is one of the main attractions of slipping across the border. If illegals “living in the shadows” have this kind of disposable income, why doesn’t some of it go to the local governments that subsidize their security, health care, education, etc Could money wires to Mexico be heavily taxed? Should Vicente rebate a generous portion of this money to the US each year? Making it more difficult/expensive for illegals to subsidize the Mexican economy in no way inhibits their ability to “benefit the US economy” – the purported reason for welcoming their presence.

These people will do the most menial back-breaking jobs and the crippling stoop labor that no one else will do. They will live in a refrigerator box in a canyon, no matter what the weather, if they have to, in order to send money back to their families in Mexico. And Kate thinks that this money is “disposable income“, so let’s tax it.

Here’s an idea Kate. You’ve been making pretty good money as a talking head pundit, columnist, and editor for years. Why don’t you use some of your “disposable income” and get your friggin teeth fixed?

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