A whore of a different color

Glenn Harlan Reynolds (yeah, that guy) has a new column up on pay-for-play Tech Central Station. From an informational standpoint it’s pretty much all empty calories with a few lame attempts at humor thrown in to make Glenn seem like a real down-to-Earth guy. From a “what do we know about this Glenn guy and how fair is he?” point of view, it’s much more informative.

Ostensibly the column is about how rich is too rich, before Reynolds takes a turn into discussing how too much money might buy political power. Unsurprisingly, when Glenn takes this turn it runs to the right (where he obviously feels right at home). A reasonably fair person with some knowledge of current affairs about how the super-rich try to game the system would probably shine a light on shadowy Lucky Sperm Club winnerRichard Mellon Scaife and his secret funding of the Arkansas Project. Now there’s a story with spme meat on it (best documented here). But Reynolds isn’t interested in something so last millennium. At least not when he has George Soros, who wants to pink slip the guy who has done so much to help pink slip nearly 3 million Americans. Reynolds links to another TCS column (it’s kind of vague who paid for this one, maybe Chris Hull will share his pay stub with us)) that contains a thinly veiled threat to Soros that he’s getting just a little too big for his wallet. Maybe that’s the price of being honest.

I guess the lesson in all of this is that maybe Soros shouldn’t be so transparent about how he feels about the mismanagement of America. And instead of tossing $10 million to an above board political proxy, maybe he should have quietly spread it around the whorehouses and crack dens in the great state of Texas just to see what scurries out from under the couch. After all, that’s the real American way…

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