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Axis of evil creator David Frum has written a book with war profiteer Richard Perle and they’re making the rounds of the talk show/USA! USA! echo chambers promoting it. I went over to Amazon to see what’s up and I found this review:

Astonished!, January 7, 2004
Reviewer: A reader from Tucson, Arizona, USA
I call to your attention that the review by “tibby 666” violates Amazon’s “Review Guidelines”. I write to you only to request that you remove this reivew from your web page. I am astonished that Amazon would post a review of any book listed in thier catalogue that calls the authors “murderers” and calls for for any person, or people of any political beliefs to be “purged” (read killed)or “lobotomized”. Your own guidelines state that reviews are not to contain profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks – this contains all of those.

I have never posted a review on Amazon, but I do enjoy reading them, especially when they promote the healthy debate of current affairs. This review is neither a healthy debate nor a book review it is a vitriolic attack on the authors and on those who share their beliefs…..Shame on you Amazon.com, you should know better.

Of course, as expected, that made me go look for tibby666. Here it is:

Simply monstrous., January 5, 2004
Reviewer: tibby666 (see more about me) from New York
Richard Perle and David Frum – a kind of Saruman and Grimtongue for the Neocon set – suggest in their monstrous and ironically-titled new tome that the only way to ensure future global peace is by taking advantage of America’s current military superiority to wage neverending war on anybody who even looks at us (or Israel) sideways. Personally, after reading this book, it occurred to me that there had to be a better way to help make the world more peaceful than by crushing thousands of innocent people under a multi-billion-dollar avalanche of all-American WMD. Perhaps, for instance, we could lobotomize Perle and Frum so they can’t write any more blueprints for world domination as they’ve done here, and as Perle has done once before, under the auspices of PNAC. I mean, seriously, how many Blofeld moments are we as a society going to let these neoconservative murderers get away with before we finally get off our asses and DO something about them?! What we really need is a nationwide neoconservative purge on the scale of the anti-communist purges in the early part of the previous century. Sadly, it’s probably already too late for that.

Needless to say a review like this only reminded of my early days when I was young and reviewing Bob Cobb’s Dittohead Bartender’s Guide for Amazon:

I couldn’t live without this…, October 29, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from San Diego, Ca. United States
As a college coed whose father happens to be the appointed President of the United States, life can be just one big pressure cooker. That’s why I love this book. I try and use at least one recipe every night, and at least a dozen on Saturday night. The best part is, I can make these in my dorm without having to show any ID. I just give a list of ingredients to one of my Secret Service dudes, and they do the rest. Is that cool, or what? When I’m at my parent’s summer house in Crawford I like to make up a pitcher of Red Zombie Paralyzing Potion and head off to my special Black Light Freakout Room that my dad had built just for me. Talk about a lost weekend!

My sister, Barbara (she’s the one whose not as pretty as me), and I are having a race to see who can get to the very last drink first. She’s a little ahead of me now, but that’s only because I’m more prone to blackouts than her.

Party on, America…!

Ah. Good times…good times….

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