Okay. Maybe It Isn’t As It Wasn’t, but dammit he liked the movie just fine…

Via Roger Ailes via Pandagon we find out that the Pope (who is definitely not WASPY) maybe didn’t like Mel Gibson’s The Passion: 2 Fast 2 Jewish as much as were led to believe by Peggy Noonan who heard it from the film’s co-producer, Steve McEveety.

Noonan wrote:

Afterwards, Msgr. Dziwisz gave Mr. McEveety the pope’s reaction. The pope found it very powerful, and approved of it. Mr. McEveety was delighted. Msgr. Dziwisz added that the pope said to him, as the film neared its end, five words that he wished to pass on: “It is as it was.” The film, the Holy Father felt, tells the story the way the story happened. A week later Mr. McEveety was marveling at what he felt was the oracular quality of the statement. “Five words. Eleven letters.”

Now we learn:

Although Pope John Paul II watched at least part of Mel Gibson’s film, “The Passion of the Christ,” he made no comment about the film, said a senior Vatican official close to the pope.

“The Holy Father saw it, but he made no comment. He watched in silence,” the official told Catholic News Service Dec. 24.

“The Holy Father does not comment, does not give judgments on art,” the official said. “I repeat: There was no declaration, no judgment from the pope.”

In refering to Mr. McEveety, Ms Noonan might now write, “Three words, eleven letters: I got screwed”

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