Short term memory loss

David Brooks is hoping to land a role in the sequel to Memento. Late in his latest column he writes:

You get to choose your own reality. You get to believe what makes you feel good. You can ignore inconvenient facts so rigorously that your picture of the world is one big distortion.

And if you can give your foes a collective name — liberals, fundamentalists or neocons — you can rob them of their individual humanity. All inhibitions are removed. You can say anything about them. You get to feed off their villainy and luxuriate in your own contrasting virtue.

A few paragraphs earlier:

The full-mooners fixated on a think tank called the Project for the New American Century, which has a staff of five and issues memos on foreign policy. To hear these people describe it, PNAC is sort of a Yiddish Trilateral Commission, the nexus of the sprawling neocon tentacles.


Tom Tomorrow has more on Brooks.

(Added): TPM makes an even more important point about Brooks and the cheapening of the term “anti-Semitism”.

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