Mo Dowd hits the nail on the head:

Everything Mr. Bush did in London reinforced the idea that this was a trip made not so much to thank the British people for their friendship, but to send a message to the voters back home that he was at ease as a world leader.

The White House spared Mr. Bush from having to endure a session with the rowdy Parliament and flew him by helicopter over the protesting rabble, who think a bullying Bush administration dragged Britain into the war under false pretenses. (Scotland Yard even wanted to keep the president in a “mobile-free bubble” that would block cellphone calls in his vicinity, but the phone companies refused, calling it “Bush hysteria.”)

The White House packaged the visit for the viewers at home.

How else to explain the same Bush advance geniuses who brought us the “Mission Accomplished” banner putting up a blue PowerPoint-ish backdrop for the president’s speech at Whitehall Palace that stuttered, “United Kingdom,” “United Kingdom,” “United Kingdom.”



Yeah. Like I would tell you....