Cooler than a big glass of Metamucil and an evening of Touched By An Angel reruns….

John Leo, who once actually wrote a column that insisited that Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box was about cannibalism, has a line on what is “cool”. Yeah. This John Leo. He writes:

This is a new paradigm in pop culture: Conventional liberalism is the old, rigid establishment. The antiliberals are brash, funny, and cool. Who would have thought?

Some of the new conservative success is due to the rise of a large crop of commentators the left has not been able to match. Mostly young and often very funny, they include Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin, and Jeff Jacoby. But most of the conservative gains have been in new media. Fox News’s large audience skews young, and half its viewers are either liberal or centrist. So Fox isn’t just preaching to the choir. It’s exposing nonconservatives to conservative ideas.

As mentioned here several times, the “blogosphere”–the world of Internet commentators–tilts strongly to the right. Bloggers like Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus, and Glenn Reynolds of instaPundit have a heavy impact. No excess of the liberal media seems to escape their attention. Among other things, they have mercilessly attacked Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist and idol of America’s angriest liberals. It has been an amazing and, I think, largely successful campaign of informed detraction. (my emphasis)

Who could be cooler than Glenn Reynolds, Jonah Goldberg, Jeff Jacoby, or Mickey Kaus? I mean, besides everyone you’ve ever met in your life including your grandparents?



Yeah. Like I would tell you....