We chose Operation Ivy Cyclone because Operation Massive Redecoration sounded kinda gay…

It takes an occupying force to level a village:

The U.S. military has begun leveling houses and buildings used by suspected Iraqi guerrilla fighters in a new tactic which is part of a more aggressive strategy aimed at crushing the anti-American insurgency, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

Pentagon officials rejected any comparison to the tactics employed by the Israeli military in the West bank and Gaza, saying the U.S. actions are not aimed at punishing sympathizers, but rather are aimed at eliminating legitimate military targets.

Israel Defense Forces characterized its tactics in a September 30 statement: “The demolition of the houses of terrorists sends a message that anyone who participates in terrorist activity will pay a price for their actions.”


In Saddam’s home town of Tikrit Monday, an Iraqi woman sat among the rubble of a house destroyed by U.S. strikes.

“They destroyed our houses and expelled us. We now have no salaries and no house. Our children are sick. What shall we do?” she complained.

U.S. soldiers said the several homes were targeted as part of phase two of Operation Ivy Cyclone after they were determined to be enemy mortar positions.

Asked if the United States risked alienating the Iraqi population with such heavy-handed tactics, Swannack replied, “I like to remember what Viscount Slim said during the Burma Campaign. He said use a sledge hammer to crush a walnut, and that’s exactly what we will do. We will use force overwhelming combat power when it’s necessary.”

Hearts and minds, anyone?



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