Keeping the lie alive….

Glenn Reynolds keeps moving farther into Ari Fleischer territory with every post:

Compare the non-attention that this story has received with the credulous reception of the Center for Public Integrity’s bogus study claiming cronyism in Iraq reconstruction contracts.

Reynold’s link goes to Dan Drezner’s Slate article for the “bogus” study. But for those with a slightly longer attention span than the Narrow Minded Professor, you will see below the article that CPI answered Drezner’s critique:

We are a bit puzzled by Daniel Drezner’s critique of our report, Windfalls of War, in which we attempted to answer a rather simple question: Who is getting federal government contracts from the Defense Department, the State Department, and the U.S. Agency for International Development to perform work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Drezner writes in his critique, “The conclusion of the report…is that a clear quid pro quo exists between government procurement and campaign contributions to George W. Bush.” That’s a rather breathtaking conclusion, but it’s not ours. Anyone reading the roughly 60,000 words we published in the report will have a hard time finding us making such a statement. While the campaign contributions show that many of these companies, their employees and political action committees have been players in the political process, we never argue that there is a “clear quid pro quo” between contributions and contracts. There are myriad other ways in which companies can attempt to influence the federal government, including lobbying and the hiring of well-connected former government officials—nowhere do we state, however, that in any case these types of influence have been rewarded by a “clear quid pro quo.”




Yeah. Like I would tell you....