According to Tapped via Roger Ailes:

STRANGELY, THIS WASN’T IN THE ONION. The Washington Times reports on an awards ceremony at which the paper’s head honcho was honored:

Describing the newspaper he edits as “honest, fair, bold, original, and not afraid of anybody,” Wesley Pruden, editor in chief of The Washington Times, accepted the 2003 Barbara Olson Award for Excellence and Independence in Journalism at the annual Washington Club Dinner on Wednesday night.

Sometimes parody writes itself.

Here’s today’s Wes Pruden column so you can get a taste of that high caliber excellence in journalism:

This is old-home week in London, where the lefties, crazies and doofuses from several continents are massing to protest George W. Bush’s excellent adventure.

The clangorous fun started yesterday when a granny in a bright yellow windbreaker climbed the gate at Buckingham Palace to mount an American flag upside down at the queen’s front door.

George and Laura arrive today with their cast of nearly a thousand (including 200 scribes and other Pharisees), but the big march is later, the last hurrah for the over-the-hill gang, some from Europe and many from the United States. A lot of them look not only over the hill, but ready for the big sleep under the trees.

Those wonderful folks who missed the last hay wagon home from the ’60s are desperate not so much to stop the war as to reprise the glory days of their youth, when sex, friendship and “revolution” flowered in the streets. But the times, they have changed, and Viagra and raisin bran can only do so much.

Breathtaking, eh? Usually Pruden only uses the phrase “big sleep under the trees” when writing about lynchings back in those good old days that he’s always wistfully looking back upon.



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