Otherwise occupied…

A little light in the blogging tonight (or. in your case, Monday morning). I could say that I have a lot of personal projetcs due or family issues that I have to take care of, and, hey, you’d be none the wiser. Let’s just say that my daughter found the Queer Eye marathon on Bravo, and I got distracted.

So, instead, you need togo here to read about the Big Fake Bush Boom.

Mark Kleiman lays out a challenge to those brave souls of America’s 101st Keyboarder Brigade.

As usual there’s lots of crap to read over at World O’Crap

Greg Beato on the fourth estate that appears to be the fifth column or possibly second place in the fifth at Belmont….

…and Steve Gilliard on Punch Drunk America.

I’ll be back sometime Monday morning…

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