The continuing saga of Farking Ann

Way back on Monday I provided tips on questions to ask Ann Coulter when she came to Boulder. A friend of reader Dan took up the Fark Ann Coulter Challenge and lived to tell about it. Here’s Dan’s email:


A friend of mine saw Coulter at Boulder, and I directed him to your post, here:

Here it is, in his words:

“I stood up to the mic… kind of shaky, wasn’t sure if I was going to use it, or go after her intellectual bankruptcy, and I finally just decided… Then I thanked her for coming to Boulder, and then I said, “Ann, since you’re a self-proclaimed extreme right-winger, when are you going to take your own advice and get pregnant, march into the kitchen barefoot and make me a god damn sandwich?!”

Then, “the crowd roundly applauded me…” – “and I heard a good amount of boos, but it was mostly laughter.”

Apparently there was an old nun behind him who was screaming at him, not sure why…

Anyway, “She stood there kind of aghast for a couple seconds, gathered herself, and went into a 30 second response about how LIBERALS were actually the ones who wanted their women to be barefoot and in the kitchen pregnant.”

So thanks for the pointer and suggestion, it sounds like it was a success.

That Ann. Quick on her size 14 feet as usual…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....