The Governor would have stayed the execution, but he fell asleep on his tanning bed. Sorry.

We Californians are proud that we have the fifth largest economy in the world. And we expect that the person who both governs and represents our state do so with Hawaiian Tropic tan. That’s why we look the other way when stuff like this goes on:

For days, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s press office has been issuing advisories stating that the governor-elect has been busy holding “private transition meetings and discussions with members of his transition team.”

He must be talking pretty loudly — because a source in the know tells us Arnold actually has been vacationing with his family in Hawaii.

You won’t get a confirmation out of Schwarzenegger’s transition team about Aloha Arnold’s whereabouts — but you won’t get a denial either.

“We are not going to comment on where the governor-elect spends his personal time right now, ” team Arnold spokesman H.D. Palmer said Tuesday.

OK, but if the governor-elect is sending out releases that say he’s having “meetings” with his transition team, doesn’t that at least suggest that he’s actually here in California preparing for his inauguration on Monday?

“There are telephones,” Palmer said.

This isn’t the first time the governor-in-waiting has done a disappearing act.

Soon after winning the election last month, Arnold slipped off quietly with his family in their private jet for a ski trip to Sun Valley, Idaho.

And just as the fires broke out in Southern California, Schwarzenegger briefly turned up in Las Vegas to help crown the new Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champion.

Glad to see he’s taking the job seriously.



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