Narrow pie in the sky.

“Hi. My names Bill.”

“Hi Bill”

“I’m deluded….”

Bill O’Reilly Says He’d Consider Presidential Run

“I may take a look, certainly the option is open if I want it,” the Fox News star told Long Island’s liberal Newsday. “But what I want to do over the next few years here is clean up the process. We have the bad guys on the run – no question about that.”

But all that’s way off in the future, he said, noting that, “the country’s not interested in an independent candidacy. Maybe in 10 years they will be, but right now, you have 50 percent of Americans who don’t know anything – they’re totally disengaged from the process, the ‘Mall People.’ They don’t know anything, don’t watch the news or listen to radio or read the newspapers. The other 50 percent – and there was a recent poll on this – are a third crazy left and a third crazy right and third in the middle. So the pie you’re going for is a very narrow pie.”

Yes. A “very narrow pie”. He sounds like our current President already….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....