Where’s a perfect storm when you need one….

The Ship of Fools, also known as the NRO Cruise Where Nobody, And I Mean Nobody, Gets Laid is under way:

LIFE AT SEA [Jonah Goldberg]
Well, the internet cafe seems to be working. Not much to report so far. We stopped at some place called Half Moon Cay — basically an island owned by the cruise line. We had our first panels today. I was on one, moderated by Jay Nordlinger, with Brent Bozell and Richard Allen. The ship’s very nice and so are all of the people. Lots of food, lots of drinking. I will give you the real skinny later, when the suits aren’t monitoring my transmissions.

Jonah….lots of food…..a Speedo…..there’s not enough Dramamine in the world.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....