You are not “we”. You are you.

If you read this, this, and this, you’ll understand why this

Tottenology- Needlessly repeating your position while desperately searching for a rationale for it

…was coined.

And what is with this “we” crap? Is there some kind of Islamofacist Neighborhood Watch program in Portland that I haven’t heard of? This is “we”. And this is “we”. This is a curbside flagwaver with nothing on the line but the risk of a someone dinging the Saab door parked out in front of Peets.

You want to be a we? The go here.

I hate getting personal about this (okay, I don’t hate it that much) but I’m tired of all these Andrew Sullivan wannabe’s, these JuCo geo-political strategists with a laptop, that think that just because we have an all-volunteer military and we can’t sleep well at night since 9/11, we should shuttle our soldiers around the world where they get the opportunity to die, trying out some chickenhawk’s grand Americanization theory. Let’s face it, we’re currently stumbling around in the Middle East like a failed oilman on a three day bender, making it up as we go along.

I look around and see all these dot-com Gen X washouts whose greatest loss in life was a bunch of options that are currently on a roll and being used for wiping purposes, sitting around in front of their monitors, checking out their annotated Art Of War and shouting “Go! Go!” before they head off to the kitchen for a Snapple. Meanwhile American soldiers whose greatest mistake in life was enlisting for college money are getting picked off at a rate of two a day. Yeah, I know, you’re all “big picture” guys, but rooting for the troops from the safety of the spare bedroom never stopped a bullet.

You want to win this war? Deeds not words.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....