Hep me hep me!…I been Dowd-icized…

David Hogberg is trying to score cheap ideological points by printing quotes from my blog about that great “moral leader”, Rush Limbaugh (fat guy…junkie…never wipes…that guy) in The American Spectator, which must be some kind of online magazine where conservatives go to kill time while waiting for their Kate O’Beirne porn to download:

And here is blogger “TBogg”:

Because it takes a village to detox a dittohead, here is how you too can help Rush to once again see a brighter day when the walls aren’t crawling with Hillary-headed nematodes and he doesn’t wake up each morning in a pool of Marta’s vomit….

Sounding confident and strong, Limbaugh said he’d received more than 25,000 supportive e-mails since he was hit with twin controversies over his comments to ESPN and allegations from a former housekeeper that she obtained for him thousands of painkilling pills over the last four years.

23,000 of those emails came from Noelle Bush looking to score any s**t he had left over.

TBogg also manages to include another object of lefty hate in his anti-Rush venom:

The President feels Rush’s pain: “Boy. If I had a nickel for every time I woke up in a Father Steve’s bedroom with my pants on backwards…”

You will note his clever use of ellipsis, taking my comments completely out of context. And nowhere does he mention that, after every line about the flatulent pill-popping racist , I conclude my comments with the phrase:

“…which, which, heaven forbid, is awful.”

I think I gonna ask for a retraction and an apology…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....