We’re thinking of having our monthly meeting at Dennys. A table for two would be fine…

Let’s form a club and we’ll have secret passwords and we’ll build a fort and have snacks and do all kinds of cool stuff. Oh wait, this guy is a grownup:

“Planned Parenthood and its agenda is bad for our community, bad for women and bad for children,” Danze told WorldNetDaily, calling Browning’s decision to pull out “very good news.”

Danze, chairman of the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association, sent a letter to more than 750 chief executives of construction-related companies in Central Texas and San Antonio, asking them not to supply materials or work on the clinic. The letter was signed by 88 local business owners, physicians, friends and family members.

The Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association.

Not to be confused with the Greater Houston HVAC Repairmen and Second Amendment Militia or the Amarillo Panhandle Cable Installers and Federalist Papers Discussion Bund.

Texas: Can’t kick ’em out of the Union. They won’t take a hint and just leave….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....