Holy Shit! People who write Op/Eds aren’t objective? When did they start letting that happen?

Something called Hippercritical is blowing the roof off of the New York Times!

Well, not really. But here’s my favorite part:

Did I just read that he represents Iraq’s creditors? That lil tidbit was worthy of inclusion on the Washington Post disclosure, why not with The New York Times? Akin, Gump’s clients have included Hyundai Engineering and the Kingdom of Jordan, both of which hold outstanding Iraqi debt. Very interesting…

But that’s not all folks. If Mr. Medish’s opinions on other international debt matters were unkown, that would be one thing. But Mr. Medish has voiced the contrary position in the past and continues to do so today. For years, Mr. Medish has loudly advocated the cancellation of Soviet-era debt still outstanding on Russia’s books.

This is just bananas! Almost all of Mr. Medish’s op/ed arguments simply fall apart when viewed in the context of his position on Russia’s Soviet-era debt.

Actually, no it doesn’t. But to know that you would have to go read the link where Medish “loudly advocated the cancellation of Soviet-era debt ” to see that…he didn’t. He actually said things like this:

The balance of factors favours a debt deal. But has Mr Putin really embraced the west? The best tack is to manage this risk by phasing the debt write-off over several years, as in the Polish, Egyptian and Yugoslav cases, and to explore fresh mechanisms such as debt-for-equityand debt-for-policy swaps. Key US legislators have already signalled interest in authorising debt forgiveness conditional on Russian funding for “threat reduction” programmes such as containment of nuclear weapons material.

Seems to me to be a case of comparing apples to horseapples….

Nuance, as well as details seem to be lost on Mr Hippercrit, but hey, by attacking the NYTimes he got the attention of, and a link from Andrew Sullivan, who, come to think of it, was fired by the same NYTimes and yet never mentions that in his critiques of them!

Wow! Can you believe that? Stay tuned…



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