Barbara Bush Jr.* and the Mysterious Buzzing and Moaning Sounds

When we last left the spunky little spawn of the Steely Eyed Rocketman and his Librarian Loveslave, she was attending college in between binge-drinking and whining about how “Jenna, like, gets all the attention, and I’m, like, just as pretty as her, yuh-hunh.” Today she gets herself involved in the kind of hijinks that Nancy Drew could dream of. Let’s take a peek, shall we:

FIRST Daughter Barbara Bush was driven out of a shower in her college dorm by a noisy couple engaging in what sounded like kinky coital conduct in the stall next to her. The raunchy racket emanated from a stall at Yale University’s Davenport dorm showers, where a male student and his girlfriend were using what sounded like a vibrator. Yale’s Rumpus newspaper reports that Bush “was so grossed out, she had to leave mid-shower. When her roommate later confronted the guy about the offensive buzzing and sex noises, he responded, ‘Oh, no, no, we weren’t having sex, and that wasn’t a vibrator. She was just shaving me.’ ” Of course! This isn’t the first salacious story to emerge about the brainy Bush twin’s Yale education. Last April, PAGE SIX reported that Hustler magazine honcho Larry Flynt was offering big bucks for a videotape that supposedly showed a nude Bush at one of Yale’s notorious “naked parties.” The tape has yet to materialize.

I think it’s safe to say that this a first for any First Daughter, except Julie Nixon, that lusty little trollope. Indeed it is also a first to find the juxtaposition of the words “brainy” and “Bush” right smack dab next to each other, a phrase known to make Google grind to a shuddering halt.

Meanwhile, a love-starved Virgin Ben reads about the Bush nymphet, water streaming down her firm trembling body, clad only in a damp towel, simultaneously “grossed out”, and oddly turned on by the mysterious buzzing noise, and he feels something happening “down there”…but then, just as quickly and not suprisingly, it goes away…

(*Credit to Jim at Rittenhouse)



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