Subtraction by addition

I’m not a huge fan of the Volokh Conspiracy. Their tendency to split hairs in an attempt to debunk the obvious can get to be a bit tiring. But hey, it’s a bunch a law professors, so what do you expect?

Actually you should expect better than new addition Cori Dauber who, incredible as it may seem, is allowed to teach impressionable little minds at UNC. Here’s a sample:

The Echo Chamber in Play Why is there growing unease and worry about American combat casualties? Study and after study has shown that Americans accept casualties if they believe they were in support of a necessary mission. The idea, promulgated again here, that public opinion is linked causally to the number of casualties and falls in predictable algorhythms(sic) based on casualties taken is a canard, based on interpretations of the data from Vietnam detached from all context. Why did casualties crash support in Vietnam when that didn’t happen in World War II? Because it is not purely a numbers question. It was the perception in Vietnam that the casualties kept coming, but nothing was being accomplished — it seemed both endless and meaningless.

Anyone who can’t tell the difference between why we fought in World War II and why we were in Vietnam shouldn’t be allowed within four hundred yards of a college campus…unless they are on their way to take a history class.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....