Our fake God who never talks to us is better than your fake God who you pretend talks to you….

…and we have the neatly lettered signs to prove it.

As we gathered in front of the psychic’s business, some of our guys went and witnessed to mechanics who worked three buildings down. They were very curious as to why we were there! We also handed out some tracts about witchcraft to many of the folks walking by and those waiting at the bus stop just yards from the psychic. At one point a woman appeared in the doorway of the the psychic’s house and kept asking us what were were doing. We shared with this woman the truth of the Gospel and told her that Jesus is the only way and that witchcraft is evil. She said she was going to call the police.

Things to do in Dallas when you’re socially awkward and have bad posture and have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon and your mom won’t take you to the mall which is just as well since you need to lose a few pounds before you buy any new jeans and, besides, Blockbuster was all out of copies of Left Behind starring Kirk Cameron who’s like all dreamy and stuff….

God must be like, all embarassed and stuff, and pretending like he doesn’t know them as he runs into Wet Seal and hides behind the rack of tubetops…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....