Now we know why he’s a chickenhawk

I guess a man like Paul Wolfowitz just isn’t made of the same kind of stuff as those who put their lives on the line defending freedom. Faced with an angry co-ed…he piddles like a pup:

US deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz fended off hecklers at Georgetown University during a speech Thursday.

“We hate your policies!” shouted one young woman, standing ten meters (yards) from Wolfowitz who went pale and clenched his jaw.

“Killing innocents is not the solution but rather the problem,” she said.

“I have to (infer) you’d be happier if Saddam Hussein was still in power,” he replied dryly before recalling the regime’s cruelties.

A lot of innocents were sacrificed and “the alternative would have been far more brutal, there is no question in my mind.”

Two other students among the dozen that had lined up to speak to the man held up as the Bush administration mastermind of the Iraq war also attacked US policy there.

A visibly shaken Wolfowitz caught his breath to tell one of them, “You and I should both calm down.”

He later said that the Iraq war was “not an ideological, but a moral issue.”

“There is not much question in my mind about the morality of having gotten rid of this regime.”

Yup. Sign him up for the Lilek’s brigade of the 107th Fighting Keyboarders….



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