I’m not a liberal, but I pretend I used to be one on the Internet

I guess I can’t blame a guy for whoring himself out in order to find a job in the Bush economy. Which is why it’s not too suprising to see “writer” Michael Totten doing his dancing monkey routine hoping for a few more Instapundit nods and maybe a treasured regulars spot on TechCentralStation where the Rand-ians go for their objective reality handjobs. Here’s Michael today:

The Left Veers Right

Roger L. Simon captures my disillusionment with the left in two sentences.

I remember the day, and it wasn’t so long ago, that liberals like me were attacking our government for supporting dictators. Now these new “liberals,” or whatever they want to call themselves, attack our government for taking down dictators.

Yep. I suppose they could plead “isolationism” as an excuse for the inconsistency. But the left has never been isolationist. Never. That’s the position of the old right. The tragedy of the liberals is that a whole swath has run off the farm to join Pat Buchanan in Palookaville. And I used to say that if Buchanan were elected president I’d have to move to Canada.

You see, in “disillusioned” Michael’s binary world there is only “isolationism” or “taking down dictators”. Anyone who didn’t support the war, supported Saddam. And if you protested the war, then you’re probably a Stalinist dupe. Even if you opposed the war for good reasons, well, you just best just put your beliefs in escrow and join up (or, as in Michael’s case, send others off to fight while you wave your little red-white-and-blue pompoms before taking that much needed vacation).

During a time when soldiers are dying in Iraq daily as a part of Bush’s Folly, it must be really nice to be able to spend your days staring at your navel and trying to decide if you’re a middle-progressive or a former-liberal-kinda-Libertarian or maybe disillusioned-progressive-Randian-God-I-need-work-conservative-quasi-liberal.

Particularly when it keeps you from thinking: Jesus. I am one big puss.



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