“…this dour, dyspeptic, sanctimonious persona”

Camille Paglia is back at Salon and she’s just as vital and important to our great national discourse as she was two years ago, which is to say that she’s not.

I’m sure her description of Howard Dean (used above) was lifted verbatim from her “mirror, mirror, on the wall” session that starts her day off every morning. Fortunately we are spared her usual reference to her partner Heather, intended to remind us that she is still loved and desirable. But then who needs to be desirable to others when you’ve got a big fat love affair with yourself to tend to:

Blog reading for me is like going down to the cellar amid shelves and shelves of musty books that you’re condemned to turn the pages of. Bad prose, endless reams of bad prose! There’s a lack of discipline, a feeling that anything that crosses one’s mind is important or interesting to others. People say that the best part about writing a blog is that there’s no editing — it’s free speech without institutional control. Well, sure, but writing isn’t masturbation — you’ve got to self-edit.

Now and then one sees the claim that Kausfiles was the first blog. I beg to differ: I happen to feel that my Salon column was the first true blog. My columns had punch and on-rushing velocity. They weren’t this dreary meta-commentary, where there’s a blizzard of fussy, detached sections nattering on obscurely about other bloggers or media moguls and Washington bureaucrats. I took hits at media excesses, but I directly commented on major issues and personalities in politics and pop culture.

Okay. Maybe that wasn’t writing as masturbation, but I think it at least qualifies as a dry hump…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....