Must be some kind of America hater….

America’s most dangerous liberal pundit:

The public relations campaign isn’t working.

That’s because there comes a point where you can’t spin reality.

In the past 48 hours, suicide blasts have killed dozens of people in Iraq, and Paul Wolfowitz has escaped injury in an attack on his hotel. American troops are simply not in control of a significant chunk of the country.

Six months ago, Iraq seemed a large feather in the commander-in-chief’s cap. Now when the Democrats get together to debate, they seem far more impassioned about Iraq and the $87 billion than their bread-and-butter issues of jobs and the economy.

Are some things getting better in Iraq? Sure. But Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s “long hard slog” memo may be as good a summary as we’re going to get out of this administration. It’s pretty scary to think that we can’t even protect the Baghdad hotel where most American officials were based.

All this might not have quite the same resonance if the president had gone to war with more widespread support from Americans, not to mention from around the world. And if he hadn’t sold the war as a showdown over WMDs that still haven’t materialized. This has fostered a sense that we waged a war of our choosing without adequately planning for the consequences, or with a lousy plan whose weaknesses are now on display each day.

The war over the postwar, in short, is now as heated as the war over the war itself. And we are stuck, for now, because abandoning Iraq simply is not an option.

How can this Saddam-loving, blame-America-first, fifth columnist get away with such treason?



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