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Poor Sully. A crusader in search of a crusade:

NYT WEIRDNESS: Two oddities leaped out at me this morning, reading the (much improved) New York Times. The first was the Machiavellian assertion that Donald Rumsfeld leaked his own memo. here’s the editorial:

Mr. Rumsfeld is a canny player who knows exactly what he is doing when he drafts internal memos and makes them public.

This would be big news. So what evidence does the NYT have for it? The original leak was to USA Today. Does the NYT know something about USA Today’s source? Or is this just made up?

From the original USA Today article:

Three members of Congress who met with Rumsfeld Wednesday morning said the defense secretary gave them copies of the memo and discussed it with them.

“He’s asking the tough questions we all need to be asking,” said Rep. Jim Turner, D-Texas.

You see…it wasn’t a leak….oh, never mind. Here, Andy:

Bush said an attack from Iraq was IMMINENT.

Go, fetch, play with that in the yard for a few days…



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