Timeline management

From the shampoo aisle of Target, James Lileks writes:

The Rummymemo flap is depressing on a number of levels. Oh, in one respect, it’s heartening; you could take it to mean “okay, we’ve conquered Afghanistan and Iraq; is there anything else we should be doing?” – a sentiment which would have seemed quite reassuring to some after 9/11. (And horrifying to others, who hoped that having been knocked flat by a sucker punch, we would crawl back to our corner, spit into the bucket, and request permission from the French and German judges to declare the bout a draw.) It’s not an “admission of failure, ” as Daschle put it – hell, the administration could put Osama’s head on a stick in the Rose Garden, and Daschle would call it an admission of failure that they hadn’t located the torso. I will never trust these people with national security again. Never, never, never. We’re in the fight of our lives, and all they can do is carp and bitch and piss and moan, because – as was the case with many conservatives in the Bosnian conflict – it’s not their war.
(My emphasis)

Ahem. September 11, 2001. Officers on duty: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet.

Proof, once again, that having a big forehead doesn’t neccesarily mean having a big brain.

…and what’s with this “We’re in the fight of our lives…” crap? The only thing it looks like Lileks is fighting is dustbunnies about the homestead and recalcitrant electronics. I hope he’s not expecting a medal…



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